Akemi Crystal Clean 250 ml


Introducing Akemi Crystal Clean 250 ml – Your Ultimate Solution for Pristine Surfaces!
Experience the brilliance of cleanliness with Akemi Crystal Clean. Specially formulated to effortlessly dissolve grime, dirt, and stains from a wide range of surfaces, this 250 ml wonder is your go-to choice for maintaining a sparkling environment.

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Key Features:
Superior Cleaning Power: Say goodbye to tough stains and residue. Akemi Crystal Clean’s advanced formula ensures deep and thorough cleaning, leaving surfaces spotless and gleaming.
Versatile Application: Whether it’s glass, mirrors, tiles, stainless steel, or acrylic surfaces, Akemi Crystal Clean handles them all with finesse. Achieve a streak-free shine every time, enhancing the visual appeal of your spaces.
Quick and Efficient: With its quick-drying formula, Crystal Clean minimizes wait time, making cleaning sessions swift and hassle-free. Its powerful action reduces the need for excessive scrubbing, saving you valuable time and effort.